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Dolphin & Seal Show - Dubai Dolphinarium

Welcome to the Dubai Dolphinarium. This area has been selected by Dubai Municipality due to its focus on balancing education and family entertainment.

Dubai Dolphinarium is an amazing place, where you are guaranteed to meet some of the most beautiful animals that inhabit our oceans and have lots of fun with them.

There is a lot of programmes and exciting interaction with the mammals happening at Dubai Dolphinarium.

A great way to educate, entertain and learn for the young and the old. An unforgettable experience with the worlds most loved animals.

Dubai Dolphinarium is the first fully air conditioned indoor (temp 21-25c) Dolphinarium in the Middle East.

The Dolphins and Seals Live Show is the major attraction. This event is full of extraordinary information about marine mammals and their life.

Highly interactive and talented Bottlenose Dolphins – Senya, Sousha and Marfa - perform amazing displays and sequences based on their natural behaviors. Born with a permanent smile, playful and gracious bottlenose dolphins are an unforgettable visual and emotional experience for people of different ages.

There is also a swim with dolphin program where up to 9 guests can swim with the three dolphins. The program takes about 40 minutes with 15 minutes together with the dolphins. (Swim with Dolphin Prices)

  • The two programs you can enjoy at Dubai Dolphinarium
  • 1. Dubai Dolphin & Seal Show
    - No Show on Sunday.
  • 2. Swim with the Dolphin Program
    - Swimm with the Dolphins is only for Monday to Thursday
  • Entry charge to Creek Park (AED 5 p/p) not included in price 
  • For groups and events available any time upon request!
  • Ticket Prices and Show Timings
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