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Dubai Seaplane Tour

A Seaplane Spectacular - There is no substitute for the experience of a trip in a seaplane. When this unusual and exciting experience is combined with the spectacle of one of the world's most dynamic and exciting cities, it results in the memory of a lifetime, the most fantastic photographic opportunities, and truly spectacular seaplane ride.

Seaplane Tour offers you one of the most spectacular seaplane tours available in the world today, a magical journey across Dubai's dramatic and ever-changing coastal skyline.

Dubai Featured Landmarks for you to see with Seaplane Tour


It is the tallest structure in history to include a residential area and the building containing the most number of levels at 160. The Burj Khalifa even surpassed the Taiwanese 509-meter Taipei 101 Tower and although there were some technical problems that marred the timely launch of this world phenomenon, the tower is now perfect functional and a popular Dubai attraction.


Keeping with the seafaring tradition of the emirate, the Burj was built, on its own man-made island, to resemble the billowing sail of a dhow. Take a three-minute simulated submarine voyage and enter Al Mahara, the Oyster, a world-class, underwater-themed restaurant which features a massive aquarium surrounding the dining area. One of a kind, the Burj Al Arab is a popular retreat for elite jetsetters, celebrities and heads of state and a must see monument when visiting Dubai.


Palm Jumeirah was designed to increase Dubai’s popular beach-front property. Launched in 2001 and is scheduled for completion in 2010, the island is the smallest in the Palm trilogy and has extended the Dubai shoreline by 520 km. The heart of the palm is its two-kilometer trunk offering high-rise living, retail and entertainment. Villas and town homes on the seventeen fronds are serviced by a sub-sea tunnel as well as monorail.


Over 90% of the planned islands have been reclaimed and some developers have begun creating their exclusive hideaways which elevate escape to an art. Here one can retreat into the silence and solitude of the glorious landscape and escape the world.

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